Thursday, 13 October 2011

Odeceixe and The Algarve

Well eventually found a little time to write the blog again, battery is going though typically so will have to be quick. I am updating by checking in on Facebook which is generally much quicker so join me there if you are on. After Peniche we travelled down the coast to The Algarve. We stopped at CaisCais which is pronounced cashcash and Nick earned lots of cash there!! It is also the place where Alister Crowley the magician faked his death! After that we went to Odeceixe where the English guys were going to work on an organic farm. We ended up bumping in to them again on the beach so we hung out again and Liss taught Shae to surf. When they started work they invited us up there to work and it was really amazing to see it. It has totally awakened our need to do the same thing and become as self sufficient as possible. The farm had straw bale houses and compost toilet and the workers go to work voluntarily for food and board! Its right up our street so this has now become our main plan when we finish travelling. After Odeceixe we went off to Praia Da Luz where we stayed for 2 nights and Nick busked, lovely beach and really nice vibe! Then we went to Lagos where Nick has been trying to busk us on a Dolphin watching trip. He has been offered a gig on a boat there but we are still trying to get in touch with the man to confrim. We then went back and forth to Villa Mura where the rich people's boats are docked and Nick did really well busking. Then back to Praia da luz for a gig before heading off to meet my mum near Granada which is where we are now!

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