Thursday, 20 October 2011

Andalucia, Gibraltar and Dolphins

Spent over a week with Mum, Bri, Alan and Elaine. Stayed at their house for a few of the nights which is near Loja. We also had a look around the area too. One night we went into a town up the road to see Andalucian horses and Flamenco dancers, it was a bit too much to pay for us all so just Shae went in but we had a lovely time looking at the Gypsy caravans on display as part of the festivities. Later the kids went on the fair which was really funny and much better deals than in UK!! Another day we went to Alhambra but the tickets had sold out for the Palaces so we ended up walking around the town which was really lovely. There was also a really good Esher exhibition on which we all enjoyed. One night we went to Alhama de Granada where Nick busked and we looked at lovely town and found underground tunnels and dungeons used by the Moors. Then we went to the hot springs and had a dip! We found some more hot springs in Santa Fe which were a hell of a drive to get to with a campervan! All of the stuff fell off the shelves on our heads!! Really nice springs though but a bit smelly of sulphur and too many unsightly naked men for my liking!! On the last day of seeing mum we went to Antequera which is a lovely town with a castle and lots of nice churches. We met mum, Bri and Elaine up in El Torqual which is an amazing natural park which was the bottom of the ocean 200 million years ago and is now a really beautiful and unusual Karst landscape! On the way up there I saw a black snake with orange rings around its body and have still been unable to identify the type. Mum left and we stayed another night because we wanted to see the Dolmens which are the most important ones in Europe as they face a hill which looks like a sleeping giant rather than the Sun, they were pretty impressive but in the morning we got stuck on a loose track for a while which was quite scary. Managed to get out just as loads of police pulled up!!

We then left for Gibraltar. Tried, but failed to see our friend Clare but got to hectic Gib ok. Bought loads of English food with some English money we still had, Nick did really well busking so we ate out twice! Mushy peas n chips!! YUM!! Stayed in Gib for one night even tho we weren't really allowed to. We then left for Portugal which is where we are now. On the way we stopped to fill up our water at a garage and there was a massive fire just above it which was really scary, we think it was a load of olive trees gone up in flames.

Today we are in Lagos, Nick has been trying to busk us a dolphin watching trip for a while so we came back to see if he could do it. He had the ok from one company called BOmDia so he busked on one of his boats, then he got really annoyed for Nick handing his hat round even though he had originally agreed to it so we thought sod it lets just dip into our savings and go on one anyway. We went to the other company SeaFairer and the guy (who knew nick from before) said he liked our family and gave us the trip for 70 euros instead of 155! The trip was one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had!! The kids were grinning ear to ear the whole time!! There were well over 100 dolphins and 2 types too!! They swam so close to us and we got splashed by them and really nearly touched them. WOW!!!

We are now trying to decide what to do next.........Morocco or Italy, Croatia etc???? we need to pay for a green card for Morroco so not sure what to do, watch this space...........................

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