Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Misha Bday, North Spain, Portugal

Well we went back to Les Eyzies to see the House but Paul couldnt get the keys so we didnt get to see the inside. Paul did, however get us some tickets to see the Font de Gaume Caves which are one of the only caves left open to the public which contain original caves drawings! Fascinating!

After there we went to Aarcahon where the biggest sand dune in Europe is, and it is very big (photos to follow). We went to Aqualand for Mishas birthday and stayed there for 2 days before heading into Spain. We travelled along the North coast of Spain (Basque country), and came across festivals going on where they had marching bands, gunpowder, fairgrounds and in Bermao there where ghosts and men in black masks who set a box alight and threw it inot the sea. I looked up the festivals online and it says they go on throughout Spain in September and are a celebration of the Virgin Mary, although Nick was told it was celebrating the end of the summer festivities! Nick did really well busking there, they really liked him and had a lovely vibe.

We then headed down the coast and stopped at San Vincente which was lovely where they partied too!! Lovely beaches and old castle and port.

We are now in Portugal and heading down the coast. Not much to say yet as we have only just arrived. Nick is busking now and we are heading towards the Algarve.

I finally got Kaiyas results and we have started lessons wihch is really exciting but we still need some resources which we will get over the next couple of weeks.

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