Wednesday, 31 August 2011


We are now in the medievel village of Lauzerte in France, we spent a week in Les Eyzies in the end. We have looked at a couple of houses for possible living in the Dordogne when we have finished our travels. The kids were getting a bit fed up so we needed to get back on the road. We are now visiting Nick's friends and are trying to sort a few phone calls and emails whist we can. I am trying to get Kaiya's GCSE results by email and they won't give them to me via email because of data protection! It's so frustrating as I am unable to plan her future as yet. Misha and Shae showed a great interest in the Pre-historic caves etc so they will both be doing a project which is great as Misha wants to take History. They are all coming on really well with their languages and are learning through listening. My French has come on leaps and bounds as Nick has not been with me in the day because of busking so I have had to ask for things etc. We will be here for one more night then we may go back up to look at the inside of this house we may buy which is amazing. Then we are heading to Arcachon so Misha can spend her birthday in a massive water park there. We were trying to get to Spain or Portugal for one but they are all on the South coast and we didn't want to rush there so Misha has settled for staying in France a little longer.

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  1. .. someone's having a good time me thinks! if you buy the house in France can come LOL Pat and Catherine xx